Events might be thought of as cards that periodically occur (e.g. each turn). They should be based/inspired by real events, and the format of one is:


  1. NAME: Toxic Claim by Farm Family
  2. TYPE: Environmental
  3. DESC: A family living on a farm in which one of your wells is located claims that they are getting sick… (longer description needed)
  4. RESPONSES: Ignore, Send Investigators, Alert Regulators, Send Lawyers,  (we need to think about how to represent this)
    • If no direct response: 10%/turn chance of growing into next level
    • if investigators or lawyers: 20% to lawsuit (= X*$ per level to settle, *5 w/gag)
  6. LINKS: to examples online

EVENTS include:

  1. Environmental:
    1. Toxic Claim
      • Individual/Family Claim
      • Group/Community Claim
      • Scientist Claim
      • Employee Claim
      • EPA investigation
      • You find out something really bad is happening at your company
        • Panabla problem: regulators will take care of it, in time…
  2. Earthquake
  3. Flooding
  4. Geologic Discovery
    1. New Shale Opens
    2. Shale retraction of predictions
    3. Leak potential (internal report)
  5. Social
    1. Concerned Community Group forms
    2. Social Movement Attention
      • MoveOn
      • Greenpeace
      • Art performance (Underneath Us)
  6. Media Attention
    1. Local newspaper
    2. National newspaper article
    3. Blog/FB
    4. TV segment (negative / positive)
    5. Documentary (HBO Gasland; BBC)
    6. Major Movie (Matt Damon)
  7. Regulatory
    1. Bill to enable/restrict land rights
    2. Bill to increase/decrease EPA oversight
    3. Bill to increase/decrease Worker rights
    4. Bill to increase/decrease Drinking Water investigation
    5. Bill to
  8. Corporate
    • Shareholder pressure (if not growing lately)
    • Competition discovers X (advantage but licensing fee)
    • New Technology Innovation (can you take advantage of it?)
    • Whistleblower (how good is your legal & PR)
    • Takeover bid – if you are not big enough and leveraged enough…

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