Designing a Fracking Game

General ideas:

Corporate Tactics (as powers that have to be developed, tech-tree, etc)

Create and name your company.

Geography: start with US, then global.
Maps for it, overview map (like pandemic? or risk?
Deciding where to approach: size of gas deposits, weakness of communities (how?), land men – outsourcing,
possibilities of paramilitary / blackwater (and new names) – mention of nigeria and other lily pads
drilling intensity projections (following youtube video), coverage, placing of pads

Individual drilling scenarios – (like ridiculous fishing??) – goes down almost all the time, but each mis-hit releases methane and other baddies
occasional explosions, pollution, hurt employees

Town and house strategies

Lobbying changes – long term goals vs short term profits –

competitive terrain wars vs other companies, and environmental groups
having to infiltrate enviro groups (new corporate activism)

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