Game Scenarios: Business Problem


Some problems a fracking company might see. That can be put into our game via event cards are as follows.  Law suit appears from environmental groups A+B. How does a company keep up its PR. Does one bribe the media? Apparently another company has found a new way to increase yields 10%. What do you do seeing a projection that, that company. How does your market look? Do you have a backup plan? How do ensure that demand for stays high. How do you deal with those pesky government regulations.  Oh no! The stock market crashed what do you do? Also what is your plan when fracking. Basically make as much money as you can! These are the problems I see common business have, and have researched through the articles.  By: Juan Paulo Pagaran

The oil bubble bursts as speculators warn of the waning supply of gas and investors immediately sell off their stocks. Do you…

A) Lay off workers to compensate?

B) Lower prices?

C) Spend more money to release a new product that will increase efficiency and reassure the public that the company is doing okay?

By: Zachary Moore



You draw chance card: Price Volatility!

You lose 20% of your points allotted to corporate capital. Your wells are useful—but only when gas prices are high! Because the market is so varied and unstable, betting on certain prices didn’t pan out well for you. The world is an unpredictable place—we can’t all be Aubrey McClendon! Better luck next chance—you might want to rethink your investment.

By: Alexis Caligiuri


Problem 1:

Anti-fracking activists in the area have become more vocal and are attempting to shut down your fracking operations! You can:

a) Silence them via illegal action

b) Invest points in a good legal team to lie and continue your operations

c) Invest points in your efficiency and fracking techniques to make your operations safer but less efficient

d) Stop your operations and move to another location, forfeiting some profits in the process

Problem 2:

Your wells in an area (depending on how long the player has been playing, a state or possibly the US) have been stripped of the natural gas your company depends on to thrive! Will you:

a) Relocate and teporarily forfeit profits

b) Stay in the area and lose efficiency points while facing little resistance from local activists

c) Stay in the area and invest points to improve your fracking techniques while not making as much profit as normal

d) Spend points on a legal team to overtake another’s nearby operations, thereby maintaining current profit rates (no guarantee this will work, maybe another player has a better legal team)

just some ideas of problems a fracking business could have, kinda based on the links.

By: Kenneth Harary





What is the trend for the future worldwide energy sources? and what do you think of the international energy investment, like the United States invests some Fracking company in India? How is that influence the world market? why Hydrofracking becomes such a big thing(market) throughout the world? How logistics related to the Fracking market? By: Ming Yang



Shale Well B that you are drilling is reported to be running out faster than you expected, making it unprofitable. What will you do?

A) Abort drilling operations

B) Ignore/Reject the report

C) Invest more to try and get more gas out of the well

By: Christopher Mai



Your wells are approaching their 1 year mark, and from projected graph averages, you know that the amount of gas they produce each month will continue to decline. You know you need to find and get the approval to drill on some new sites, but this may potentially cost more than the amount that you currently have. If you wait longer, other companies may buy out the other sites, and you’ll be left with even less choices. On the other hand, if you risk investing in more than you can afford right now and the wells turn out to be a bust, you risk going bankrupt. What do you do? –Nathan Woo

A new source of energy has just been found! Scientists are claiming that this new energy is cleaner and more efficient than shale gas. What do you do?

>Research this new product to see if it’s all that it claims to be. Then, launch smear campaign (the results really don’t matter).

>Decrease the price of gas. (*Warning: this might decrease your overall profits)

>Claim that fracking cures cancer (or find some other real use for natural gases).

>Find a new technique that makes fracking more efficient than this new energy source.

By: Shannon Lipp



Your investors have just pulled out of your company. Will you….?

1.       Stop your fracking operations, which will decline profits

2.       Remove your bid from the shale auction and lose out on millions of dollars that would compensate from the lost profits of your investors

3.       Receive loans with a high interest rate to continue running your business

4.       Lay off employees and contribute to the high unemployment rate

By: Sneha Patrachari




You are being sued for water contamination, here are your options:

a) payoff scientist to give false studies (other contamination possibilities) (Spend a little/gain a lot)

b) shut down company (spend nothing/loose a lot)

c) repair water damage (spend more/gain nothing)

d) agree to fund safe water campaigns and other community improvement projects (spend more/gain nothing)


Stock shares for your company decline (possible collapse)…. you can either:

A) sell your company

B)Wait for improvement

C) ruin other companies stocks (dirty tricks)

By: Stephanie Martinez



You have been faced with death threats and massive resistance against plans to drill, so you:

a) repair the company’s public image

b) promise them $100,000 for every well fracked if it goes ahead

c) hold several public meetings and sit down and listen to their concerns

d) stop your operation and lose billions in tax revenue and tens of thousands of jobs

By: Yadira Navarro Landeros

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